Reply To: It is important to keep old friends than it is to make new friends.

Wu Hanfei
University: Soochow university
Nationality: China
October 16, 2020 at 1:19 am

It is important to keep old friends than it is to make new friends.

As we progressively growing older, we have fewer friends than when we are young. Some people would like to say that it is important to keep old friends instead of making new friends. From my point of view, old friends are more close to us because they know us better and could help us out of trouble.

First of all, old friends are very familiar with my hobbies and personality. In other word, they know us better. As we are taking vacation together, we could decide what to eat and what to do after short communication. And when we have conflicts due to certain reasons, we could easily solve the problem since we realize the personalities of each other. Take my friend Tim as an instance, once I got really angry about that he broke my computer, and I said some words could hurt him. Afterwards, when I calm down and apologize to him, he forgave me since he knew that I am without intention to hurt him.

Moreover,old friends could help you out when you are in trouble. And they are willing to do me a favor when I need them. By contrast, new friends will not help us because we don’t trust each other. Take new friends of mine, Jack, as an example, I know him by I gived him a ride when I met him in front of the library. The next time I met him when I buy a coffee cup in the bar of the library. And I forgot about bringing cash with me. When I ask Jack for help, he refused me.

Therefore, I believe that old friends are more important to us because they know us better and can help me out when I was in trouble, which can not be done by the new friends.