Reply To: Apply for undergraduate 2+2 program, study accounting and finance in the UK

University: China University of Petroleum
Nationality: China
October 16, 2020 at 3:48 pm

When I was in high school, my parents’ investment in some stocks aroused my interest. So I read “The Smart Investor” by Benjamin Graham. This book made me more interested in market investment research.

After studying finance related courses in college, I could draw on the knowledge I learned in class to analyze the overall economic development of a country. For example, I could try to use the one-year central bill issuance rate to predict government policy intentions, and use the 10-year treasury bond interest rate to analyze the basic macroeconomic situation, etc. Then I understood that finance brought me a new way of thinking. When I read a financial news, I can also try to analyze the reasons and possible effects of things.

In my freshman year, I participated in the energy economy competition. I used python for some simple programming to automate data processing. Through cluster analysis, I was pleased to note the relationship between different industries’ electricity consumption and GDP contribution in Guangdong Province in China. I discussed it in my essay for the competition, which made me feel fulfilled.

As a group CEO, I participated in a business simulation competition called PEAK TIME in my freshman year. It altered me to the need of the ability of making accurate judgments about a company’s value. The fun of checking out problems in the company’s financial statements and comparing the financial statements of different companies horizontally and vertically convinces me to learn accounting knowledge.

As far as I am concerned, there are two main aspects to the fun that finance and accounting bring me. First, they give me a new way of thinking about problems. Second, I enjoy combing theory with the phenomena in reality.