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November 20, 2020 at 3:23 am

Being government leaders or company leaders are many people’s willing[ grammatical error ] because of (seemingly powerful)[unclear/grammatical error  ]. And [punctuation error with coordinating conjunction  ]part of them[ unclear pronoun ] feels inferior because they[ unclear pronoun ] think [  article error]leadership talent is innate. However, from my perspective, through a series of proper education, most of them[ unclear pronoun ] can be leaders.

To begin with, a good leader needs to have the good speaking ability. In many cases, public speaking plays a major role, and it is an essential leadership skill. Through public speaking, people can be inspired and clarify what’s the next step. For example, in an important company project, leaders use passionate speeches to encourage people to get the job done perfectly. Fortunately, people can practice how to do wonderful speaking and master this essential ability. Through hard training such as reading articles, speaking in public, reciting manuscripts, and adjusting the tone of voice. Many people will gain advanced speech ability. Therefore, people can learn speaking ability which is an essential quality to be leaders by hard training.

Besides, a good leader also needs professional knowledge. As a leader, they always need to face many difficulties. As long as the difficulties are still there, projects will stagnate. Sometimes, some subordinates would ask questions, and leaders need to answer them to avoid they make mistakes. Compared with speech ability, obtaining professional knowledge is easier. Nowadays, many online classes are available, so people can just watch videos to gain knowledge. In addition, many universities offer auditing courses, and people can acquire professional knowledge at a small price. As a consequence, people can acquire professional knowledge by learning.

Indeed, I have to admit that being a leader acquires not only professional knowledge and good speaking ability but also confidence. However, it would be obtained during your hard learning. When you study, you will learn plentiful knowledge and easily answer others’ questions, and you will become confident.

In a nutshell, considering all the discussions above, it can be reasonably said that leadership can be obtained by learning.