Reply To: Technology has made the world a great place to live in.

University: okayama university
Nationality: China
January 10, 2021 at 7:16 am


Do you agree or disagree: technology has made the world a great place to live in.


Whether our life has greatly altered by technology has aroused an intense debate. Some people hold that technology has made the world worse due to the increased online violence and worsening environment. However, my perspective is that technology has made our life better, which comes with these reasons below.

First of all, technology has brought numerous conveniences on our ways of shopping. To be more specific, it is the development of the internet that significantly contributes to the reduced time. Without directly going to shopping malls, people now could easily purchase things from the internet.

According to a recent survey conducted by China Daily newspaper, among 2000 people who were interviewed, over 90% of them admitted that they had purchased things from the internet, moreover, nearly 42% of them claimed that they had seldom purchased things from brick and mortar store.

What’s more, the development of technology has led to more convenience in traveling. To be more specific, the more advanced transportation system is, the more diverse our choices has altered into. For instance, if the flight from Tokyo to Osaka has been canceled due to the bad weather, one could also take the express train to reach destination.

Finally, it is the advanced technology that could promote working efficiency. In details, instead of attending the meeting in person, people could easily make communications through electronic communication tools. Take my personal experience for instance, it wasn’t until the appearance of video conference such as ZOOM, We-chat, we could now easily conduct a group discussion on-line. These on-line meeting software reduces our troubles of finding an appropriate meeting place every time, as a result, increasingly enhances our proficiency.

Finally, the development of technology has not only brought about numerous convenience on our shopping behavior as well as traveling, but also promotes working productivity as well.

Therefore, it is no doubt to say that technology has made our life become a better place to survive.