Reply To: Famous entertainers and athletes deserve to have more privacy than they have now.

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January 22, 2021 at 8:30 pm

I agree that celebrities should have more privacy because they lack it[ add more concrete information here  ] severely nowadays[ redundant  ].  In public life, ordinary people[coherence suffers as a result of subject change   ] are eager to peep (the lives of celebrities)[wordy/use 2 words   ].  However, this[ unclear pronoun  ] greatly[vague adverb   ] damages the well-knowns[ improper word to replace celebrities  ] and the[article error/article is NOT needed before a collective noun   ] society.

[ Missing a transitional word  ](Privacy gives the celebrity time to charge themselves)[ unclear  ]. They present themselves best in front of the public while[ word choice  ] after the show they feel tired and need rests both mentally and physically[ any rest other than mental and physical relaxation?  ]. Why can’t we let them own their personal time? Privacy[ repetition  ] helps them to relax themselves no matter[ either  ] by means of rest or entertainment. [ transitional word missed  ]They can spend time (improving their shortcomings)[ how do you improve shortcoming? make it worse? shortcoming cannot be improved  ] and come back to the stage in a better condition. Emma Watson, the famous British actress[ punctuation error  ] was a student at Brown University for further education. If her privacy was[grammatical error/subjunctive   ] interfered seriously[  misplaced adverb ] during that period, she could[grammatical error/subjunctive voice   ] hardly learn well [ vague – improve performing skills  ]and play (better roles)[word form error   ] in later[ spelling error  ] movies.

[ Missing a transitory word  ]Adequate privacy provides the celebrity with physical security. To dig out more privacy from the celebrities, a new career[  change of subject ] called Paparazzi (came up)[ wordy – emerged  ] and harmed the celebrity[repetition   ]. One notorious example is[ tense error/ dull Be verb (replace it with a concrete verb)  ] their [ unclear pronoun  ]chasing after [redundant word   ]Princess Diana, causing [/that led to   ]a severe car crash and the death of [that killed   ]the former Princess. This would never happen if the paparazzi give[ grammatical error/subjunctive  ] more privacy to the celebrity[ wrong word  ].

Considering (the situation)[ unclear  ] from the perspective of normal people, we still need to protect their [unclear pronoun   ]privacy. If famous entertainers and athletes lose [grammatical error   ]their privacy, the privacy of ordinary people will [ grammatical error  ]gain less respect. There have been cases that ordinary people’s personal information being sold among[ wrong preposition  ] illegal organizations. This [ unclear pronoun  ]might cause our loss of money or even life (if taken advantage of by the criminals)[ grammatical error/unclear  ]. (There will be a bad atmosphere that)[redundant/avoid using there…be    ] nobody’s privacy deserves (to be protected)[ passive/unclear  ] unless we recognize the celebrity’s[ inconsistency/celebrity – celebrities  ] privacy is worthy[word choice – respected/relished   ].

[ lack of transitional word  ]Privacy is protected by the[ article error  ] law as well as morality. Famous entertainers and athletes deserve to have more privacy so that society will respect individual’s privacy more.