Reply To: The teacher or the meeting leader says something incorrect.

Zipper. O
University: University of Science and Technology of China
Nationality: China
January 25, 2021 at 7:55 am

The sooner the mistake is corrected, the less bad influence there will be. Correcting the slip made by the teacher or leader is to prevent them from making more mistakes and get into a severe embarrassment. And it saves time for turning back later. What’s more, it shows that you are focused on and totally understand what he/she says.

When the teacher says something wrong, students feel free to say about it. An efficient, active, and intriguing class should be like this. Take my Calculus teacher for example. He said that he liked the students correcting his writing or speaking mistakes right after he made it. He thought it was an effective way to keep most students concentrated. That was the reason why he had never used slides, for it can be polished every year until there were no mistakes at all. The case of the meeting is the same in terms of keeping everybody focused.

Sometimes, one small mistake will lead to a series of bigger mistakes untill the thing is totally out of track. Correcting your leader is to prevent him/her from getting into a more embarrassing situation. In a good team, the leader never blames his coworkers for pointing out his mistakes. Everybody attending the meeting has the responsibility to keep it on track, which is of great significance to efficiency.

Granted, not everyone is open to criticism. We all feel upset more or less <u>when someone points out our faults. However, if one does it respectfully and sincerely, most people are willing to take it.

 Correcting your teacher or leader’s unintentional fault right after he/she made it, you save him/her, show your concentration, and save time for all of you, then everybody will be grateful.