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January 26, 2021 at 1:38 am

Giving a glimpse into college education, university professors play an important role in cultivating talents. There are different standpoints regarding the primary duty of a college professor. Some argue that professors should pay more attention to educating than doing research, while I personally hold a completely opposite perspective.

To begin with, a college professor is not competent to individual education for each student.   In high school, students generally acquire knowledge from what teachers taught us during class time and reinforcing it through loads of test. Students can often discuss problems with teachers face to face. Since the scale of every class is so small that teachers have easier access to their students. In comparison, a college lecture always allows hundreds of students to listen, meaning that one professor is dealing with students far more than those in high school. It is horrible for professors to focus on numerous puzzles waiting for his or her advice after a lecture. Therefore, college students have to learn how to overcome challenges by themselves, which benefits students to cultivate independence.

Moreover, to do research facilitates personal development of professors. Coming up with new concepts or solving difficult academic puzzles that has plagued the world for many years is of positive significance to professors and cultivating students. For instance, my uncle is a mathematics professor in Peking University. He told me that he had written and published an SCI paper, giving rise to his reputation be immensely boosted in the science field. Undoubtedly, he now could offer his students a new perspective about the great research as well as experience accumulated in research.

In a nutshell, after minutely narrating accepted reasons and exemplifications mentioned above, I insist that a professor should be allowed to devote a significant amount of time to his or her individual research. In this case, students are more willing to try their best to think independently; And professors gain a greater sense of accomplishment due to his or her better development.