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University: University of Wisconsin
February 1, 2021 at 2:36 am

College professors often find themselves in a dilemma when they have to weigh their limited time and energy to educating students or doing research [between research and teaching given their limited time.  ]. If professors [they  ]could [grammatical error concerning subjunctive voice  ](grasp the focus of their responsibilities, it will [ grammatical error ]be a cure for this dilemma)[ unclear ].  In my opinion, a college professor should focus his[ his or her ] work on doing research.

To begin with, professors should not pour too much attention into educating students. The world is changing all the time. [In this rapidly changing world,  ]After graduating, students [ university graduates lacking independent learning capability ]who are bracing for all changes could not refresh their knowledge systems in time [often find it challenging  ]to adapt [ themselves ]to their work requirements if they have not adequate self-study ability. Thus, university[word form/or article error  ] should be a place that inspires students to study by themselves. Not only that, in high school, teachers have easier access to their [are readily available to  ]students due to the small[ class ] scale of the class. In comparison, college lectures often allow [are often presented/delivered to  ]hundreds of students to listen. It is horrible for [, thereby precluding  ]a professor to focus [from focusing on/heeding  ]on various [scientific  ]puzzles waiting for his advice after a lecture.

Moreover, doing research facilitates[ can(use conditional writing) also facilitate ] professors’ own development[ academic/scientific career ]. Generally speaking, a professor’s position[word choice issue  ] depends on whether his class is favored by students and[wrong word  ] his contributions to academic circles. However, professors who are immersed in research are more likely to achieve academic success. For instance, my uncle is an Architecture professor at Tsinghua University. By the end of 2020, he had come up with a new design concept for hospital [ misplaced word that caused logical confusion ]that could make efficient adjustments[ word form error ] to unexpected plague[word form error  ], [ punctuation error ]such as COVID-19. This result of his research made him an instant celebrity. An[ , so an] increasing number of students and scholars [followed  ] are attracted by his fame [ into attending ]to listen to his lecture. Tsinghua University also awarded him an honor.

In a nutshell, in order for students to have[informal word  ] the ability of autonomous learning to keep pace with this changeable[word form error/dynamic  ] world, and for professors themselves to get[informal word  ] better development, college professors should regard doing research as their main responsibility.