Reply To: TPO2

University: University of Wisconsin
February 5, 2021 at 10:49 pm

The[  Both the] reading [ passage ] and the lecture discuss a team working on a project. The professor puts forward three points and [ then ] effectively refutes the opinions of the reading passage.

To begin with, the reading says[ passage argues ] that a group of people will have[/possess  ] a wide[ wider ] range of expertise and skills. [ However ] In contrast, the professor claims that some team members get[ change to conditional writing ] free rides, contribute[ contributing ] nothing to the project and[word choice problem  ] get benefits. Besides, the main contributor[shift of subject  ] of the[ article error ] group cannot (have the name because the reward is for the whole group.)[unclear  ]

Next, the (reading believes)[logical confusion  ] that (people can work quickly and think of creative solutions.)[ confusing ] But[format issue with academic writing  ] the professor argues that achieving agreements [word form error  ] among all group members is difficult. Thus, a group of people will[tense error  ] (have longer time)[ unclear ] to reach a consensus through (lots of)[ informal ] meetings.

Finally, the (reading states)[ unclear ] that the[article error  ] individual team member will[ tense error ] have the chance to (make decisions and contributions to)[structural problem  ] the (teams’ overall results)[confusing  ] . However, the professor contradicts[ wrong word ] that some influential members will have a great impact on the[article error  ] group decisions. (What is more, others’ suggestions and warnings may be ignored.)[ new idea abruptly introduced ] As a result, all members are to be blame[grammatical error  ] for the unsuccessful project.