Reply To: TPO2

University: University of Wisconsin
February 6, 2021 at 8:46 pm

Both the reading passage and the lecture discuss a team working on a project[ specify the project  ]. [missing organic connection with the last sentence   ]The professor puts forward three points and then effectively refutes the opinions of the reading passage.

To begin with, the reading passage argues that a group of people will possess a wider range of expertise and skills. However, the professor claims that some team members did not contribute much at all, getting almost a “free ride”. Besides, group members who work hard were not given[ the  ] recognition they should have gotten [ deserve  ].

Next, the author of the reading passage believes that people are more responsive to the task[what task?   ] and able to devise creative solutions to problems. On the contrary, the professor argues that reaching an agreement among all group members is difficult. Thus, groups needed [need   ]more time for meetings in order to reach [article error   ]consensus.

Finally, the author states that a team member who has a voice in making decisions feels better. However, the professor thinks that some influential members would have a great impact on group decisions. If they go[ grammatical error/subjunctive  ] in the wrong direction, sensible members who try to warn the rest of the group may[ grammatical error  ] be ignored. As a result, all members are blamed for the unsuccessful project[absolute statement   ].

[ There might be more tense errors since you have not presented the prompt.  ]