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University: University of Wisconsin
February 10, 2021 at 5:25 pm

As [one of  ]the most famous of the seventeenth-century Dutch painters, Rembrandt had a painting known as Portrait of an Elderly Woman[. The passage, however, disassociates the painting with him. ] that was not attributed to him according to the passage. However, the professor states that the painting does belong to Rembrandt. [The introductory paragraph looks clumsy. I don’t know how to improve it since I am unfamiliar with the prompt.  ]

First, (the inconsistency of woman’s garments shouldn’t appear)[unclear  ] in Rembrandt’s paintings. The white linen cap of a kind that servants would wear [ generally word ]mismatched the luxurious fur collar in the painting. A recent study uses X-ray to examine and analyze the pigments. The result shows that the fur collar was painted on top of the original painting about 100 years later. Someone intended [in an attempt/as a means  ]to increase the (value of the painting)[ replace with two words ] by making the woman an aristocratic lady.

Second, the light and shadow seem to be unfit in the painting. Since the dark fur collar absorbed[tense error  ] the light from below, it [unclear pronoun  ]would result in [ article error ]shadow on the woman’s face. According to the study, after (removing the dark fur collar, the woman)[ dangling ] in the original painting was wearing a simple collar of light-colored cloth. Thus, the light-colored cloth reflected the light and[wrong logical connection: light…face  ] illuminated part of the woman’s face, proving that the (painting’s shadow and light are reasonable from Rembrandt.)[unclear  ]

Finally, the back of the painting is made of several pieces of wood glued together. Apart from the fur collar, the painting was enlarged by [article error  ]gluing wood to make[, which makes  ] it more valuable and grander. The original painting on one piece of wood shows consistency with Rembrandt’s [ painting ] style. Besides, the wood used in “Portrait of an Elderly Woman” is (from the same tree as the wood used for “Self-portrait with a Hat” from Rembrandt.)[ unclear ]