Reply To: Several possible causes of the Little Ice Age

March 4, 2021 at 3:17 pm

(As record of) [unclear  ] the Little Ice Age, there (has been)[grammatical error  ] a long period of time that [during which  ] the Earth suffers [grammatical error  ] [ from ] unusually harsh cold days. Here, the professor says [ /states that ] current research data (unlies the conjucture about)[ unclear ] how the Little Ice Age forms.

Firstly, it[unclear pronoun  ] supposes the cold winters (may have been)[ grammatical error ] caused by the Gulf Stream after[ as a result of/resulted from ] weird warm weather . Warm air renders graciers [spelling error  ] melted and produces cold freshwater to cool the Earth down. But the professor casts doubt [ preposition error ] that the Gulf Stream only affect[grammatical error  ] Europe and North America, which means it can’t[/fails to  ] explain[ /elucidate ] the global chill.

Secondly, another [ Another ] theory about volcanic eruption was promoted, which suggested[tense error  ] the clouds of dust and sulfer[ spelling error ] induced by volcanoes cause[/be conducive to the onset of ] the Little Ice Age. However, if there was [ grammatical error/subjunctive ] enough clouds to affect the temperature, people would discover some visual symptom[ word form error ] like the color changing in snow. Without any relative report,  the professor overthrows the[ his ] hypothesis again.

Thirdly, the reading part mentions the decrease of human population which accelerates trees’ growth[ wordy/unclear ] . With more trees growing, plants consumed a deluge of carbon dioxide. But it[ /this ] can[ tense error ] ’t be the reason, either. Because[because  ] experts find that there is no[ wrong word ] enough time for plants to grow so fast [ as ] to reduce such [gargantuan  ] amount of greenhouse gas. What’s more, with the increase of human population following behind, the area of plants would become smaller [ diminish ] rapidly. So the final explanation is negated[ unclear ] .