Reply To: Do small things in a great way

March 12, 2021 at 4:35 pm

Everyone yearns to fulfill his worldly ideal. Nevertheless, scarcely a few individuals can reach the peak of perfection. It sounds like we commonplace human-beings can never become successful. However, do trivial things in a brilliant way, and in[ incorrect preposition ] this approach, we can also make our dreams come true.

Sometimes we have to acknowledge that our capability is (not enough)[avoid using NOT  ] to do something great. However, we should be aware that it is the minor thing from which great things originate. Envisage that we achieve unimportant things[  vague word] with superb performance. Little by little, the insignificant things[ repetition ] we have accomplished will finally contribute to the great things[repetition  ] that we strive for. (The reason why this case)[ wordy ] will occur is that greatness rests in accumulation.

Here comes an instance as followed[word form error  ]. If everybody starts[grammatical error  ] to utilize recyclable paper bags instead of plastic ones, there will[ grammatical error ] be immense depletion[reduction  ] in plastic production. That is what we call the minor thing, but those things matter a lot indeed. In my opinion, great things [repetition  ]are based on minor things and mediocre characters also have the opportunity be [ grammatical error ]successful. There is no doubt that you[ shift of person ] will be less likely to repent your choice if you spare no effort to accomplish it.

In conclusion, we can’t cease chasing dreams only due to the[article error  ] inadequate capacity. Bearing in mind, provided that you cannot do great things, do trivial things in a great way[repetition  ], which equals the beginning of great things[repetition  ].