Reply To: Several possible causes of the Little Ice Age

Zach D
University: Wuhan University
Nationality: China
March 15, 2021 at 5:08 pm

Once Earth suffers from unusually harsh days which are named the Little Ice Age. With the research of the Little Ice Age, three presumptions regarding the formation of these cold days were raised. However, the professor disproved all of them with telling evidence.

Firstly, one of the reasons that long-term weird warm weather caused the cold winters through the Gulf Stream . Warm air renders glaciers melted and produces cold fresh water to cool the Earth down. But the professor casts doubt on the range where the Gulf Stream could affect. The Gulf Stream can only impact on European or North American climate, which means it can’t explain the global chill.

Another theory about volcanic eruption suggested the clouds of dust and sulfur induced by volcanoes are conducive to the beginning of the Little Ice Age. However, if there were enough clouds to affect the temperature, people would discover some visual symptoms like color changing in snow. Without any relative report,  the professor overthrows the hypothesis again.

Thirdly, the reading part mentions the decrease of human population accelerates trees’ growth. And with more trees growing, plants consumed a deluge of carbon dioxide. But this couldn’t be the reason, either. Experts find that there is not enough time for plants to grow so fast as to reduce such an immense amount of greenhouse gas. What’s more, with steep rise in human polulations , the area of plants would vanish rapidly. So there are adequate facts to negate this assumption.