Reply To: TOEFL writing-TPO 54 Integrated Writing

March 24, 2021 at 9:43 pm

The reading passage presents three solutions to (control[controlling  ] salt level in the Salton Sea)[confusing; learn how to use solution  ] . However, the lecture claims that these solutions all[ redundant ] have problems and (are[unparalled  ] impossible to avoid[ wrong word ] )[ logical confusion ] salinity from increasing.

First, the article contends that one solution is to remove salt from the lake’s water by utilizing[/implementing  ] special desalination facilities. (However, the lecture points out)[confusion  ] that the desalination process will introduce other chemical components into[article error  ] water, which is[/poses  ] a high risk to human health.

Second, the reading material proposes that bringing ocean water into the lake through pipelines or canals would[grammatical error  ] decrease the lake’s salinity since water in the Pacific Ocean is 20 percent less salty than water in the lake. But the professor attacks[refutes  ] this idea because[by arguing that  ] bringing ocean water into the lake needs (long distance)[spelling error  ] pipelines. However, the government cannot afford the major construction.

Third, the writer states that dividing the lake into several sections by constructing walls and controlling them separately would help. (To be specific, allowing salinity in the small sections to increase and reducing salinity in the main section by combining freshwater)[ grammatical error ] . The lecture also questions this solution by stating that some accidents, such as earthquakes, may break the walls. So that[ grammatical error ] the[ article error ] high salinity water in the small sections will flow back into the main sections, resulting in the failure.