Reply To: Tpo54

University: tianjin university
Nationality: china
April 3, 2021 at 2:29 am

In modern society, people oversee the government finances. Controversy arises with more attention being put to arts or athletics. Some point that government should spend more money on arts instead of sports, but I reject.

Firstly, both arts and sports essential foundations to us to become mental and physic healthy people. Arts, on the one hand, cultivate our capacity of sentiment and enlighten the world of mind. On the other hand, sports provide an opportunity for us to have robust bodies to enjoy the world. Sports education must be complementary to that of arts. Therefore, only when we focus both on mentality and physics, can we enjoy our life.

Secondly, a society, like us, should have a comprehensive development both in psychology and physics. I do believe that a society immersed into an atmosphere that people are cultivated both arts and sports will be a friendly environment to live, because people who are educated arts are more enthusiastic and optimistic and people who receive education of sports are healthier. To some extent, arts will bring a society diverse culture atmosphere and sports make a society loose the pressure of diseases.

What’s more, a country will be powerful and prosperous due to balancing the arts and athletics. Needless to say, if a country has it’s own famous artists and unique works of art and comes to the top in the Olympic Games, the nation will get huge benefits from the investment in arts and sports. For example, the proud of culture will form, which lets people become more patriotic and the position in the world will rise. Thus, sports are as vital as arts for a country.

In conclusion, whether an individual, a society or a country, all need to balance arts and sports and improve them. No matter which one is ignored by us, it is a serious mistake in the way of development.