Reply To: TPO1 Integrated writing — four-day workweek

University: Nanjing University
Nationality: China
April 27, 2021 at 8:50 am

The reading message describes the benefits of implementing a four-day workweek policy to the companies, the country and the employees, while the listening part opposes this practice.

First of all, the speaker suggests that corporate profits will decline. The reading part claims that paying four-day employees less and hiring more staff could ensure the same amounts of workload being completed without adding additional costs. However, hiring more staff could result in additional spending on training and medical insurance. Also, more employees require expanded office space and facilities such as computers. Such costs could significantly reduce corporate profits.

The lecturer also refutes the reading’s claim that the practice of four-day work would reduce unemployment rates. According to the reading passage, firms need to hire new staff to complete the same task. But the lecture argues that companies have substitutes to make the work done. For example, businesses can require four-day employees to work overtime in order to complete the five-day work. If so, the unemployment rate probably not decrease.

Finally, the speaker doubts whether four-day employees will enjoy a better life. The reading message says four-day employees could spend extra time enjoying themselves. But they probably suffer from potential disadvantages. One reason may be found when looking at their job stability–they are more likely to lose their jobs during an economic downturn. Moreover, they are less likely to get promoted than the five-day staff.