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xxx dream
University: Xia men medical college
Nationality: China
January 30, 2020 at 2:11 pm

Working at home

“What do you think of working in the offices for the whole day?”Ask the man on the street and the chances are that he will say :”it’s poor”. That scores of people begin to complain the long commute is testimony to it. Maybe working at home is a panacea for the issue.But everything has virtues and vices. A series of people believe that working at home is double-edged sword.

On the one hand, it make sense to deal with matters at home during an era of knowledge economy. In the past, it’s inevitable for people to suffer from the long-road torture. But now the internet, personal computing and hand-held devices mean that transaction can be coped with on-screen and managers can instantly communicate with their workers, wherever they are. Beyond that, working from home can save office resources. The finite office space can be leaved for the elite to do something crucial for the whole society.

Of course there is a dark side to it. When staying at home for a long time, the workers will naturally be sluggish. Next, the house which is full of noisy children will prevent you from being soaked in your job, you must wear headphones to shut out their distractions. What’s even worse is that Long-time working at home is detrimental for interpersonal communication. Because the new office mode can shorten up face-to-face interaction between colleagues

To my thinking, the shortcomings of the new office model pale into insignificance when set against the convenience it will bring to us. Rejecting the new place of office is no solution to the society development, being at office to play the keyboard is thing of the past. However, working at home will go for the whole rainbow.