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January 30, 2020 at 5:07 pm

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How to balance job business and personal interests

In/During an [article error  ] era of competition, people in the complex [redundant/wrong word  ]society are facing all[absolute writing  ] kinds of pressure, primarily work stress. A variety of problems happened in the wake of the excessive strain, but how to balance (job business)[ unclear ] and personal interests stand out[ unclear ].

Here are some suggestions to deal with it[unclear pronoun  ]. Firstly, work and personal interests are not contradictory.[spacing error  ]Do[incorrect word/grammatical error  ] some extra activities could promote you[informal  ] to be[ Dull BE verb ] in a good state in work. However, (it does not mean that)[ redundant ] you can sacrifice the time of work to do it[  unclear pronoun]. Instead, doing a good job should be given[passive  ] the first priority. Beyond that, (the key to this problem)[ unclear ] rests on relaxing yourselves[informal  ] properly. Entertainment can make[ spacing error ]  you[informal  ] cheer up again and be[ unparallel ] full of power, such as reading [  spacing/unclear in relation to POWER] , [ punctuation error ]watching TV[unclear in relation to POWER  ].

What’s more, maintaining a fine[ unclear word ] attitude is also essential. If someone is always in a high spirit, the efficiency will align with it[ grammatical error with subjunctive voice ]. Above all, find [word form error  ]extra time to develop hobbies is [ article error ]premium [  wrong word]choice. A hobby is to us what water is to fish[makes no sense in English  ] . Hobbies could propel us to [grammatical error  ]a better state.

In sum, striking a balance between work and personal hobbies is the cornerstone of solving this issue[unclear pronoun  ]. Chief among this problem is that people are under countless plague[ unclear ]. Only by arranging time appropriately, can we cope with it[ unclear pronoun ].