Reply To: Which is more efficient, working alone on projects or work as a group?

Natalia Lim
University: China University of Political Science and Law
Nationality: China
February 5, 2020 at 5:49 am

thx for your review!

here is my revised essay:

Myriads of assignments require diverse approaches, self-discipline and sparks of creativity. Working solo discourages students to interact with peers and miss the opportunity to exchange ideas. I agree that it is more efficient for students to adopt teamwork when teachers assign projects, rather than solve problems by locking themselves behind a door.

Cooperating with teammates motivate students to follow their calendars and finish projects before the deadline. Nowadays, distractions are everwhere when teenagers face a heavy workload. For instance, many social animals cannot separate from sorority gatherings and endless theme parties. Worse yet, if the kind of students works alone on projects, they may fall prey to overwhelming extra-curricular activities, turn a blind eye to assignments after a crazy drink spree and fail to fulfill their teachers’ academic expectations. Thus, handling a project with teammates rings a bell to remind them of their responsibilities, then encourage them to finish homework productively.

Moreover, projects may be challenging and time-consuming, especially when people set foot in a prestigious university. A review of a thought-provoking book due in a short period requires the brainstorm of several students. For example, my sociology professor always asks students to hand over a well-analyzed essay as well as having a presentation within a week. Fortunately, he agrees that we can work as a group to finish the task. It is the teamwork that motivates different students to form a tight-knit bond and exchange diverse perspectives on a masterpiece. The approach to solving problems instills diversity into an arduous project, improve my confidence to deal with the heavy workload efficiently.

In a nutshell, working as a group calls the attention of students to dedicate energy to daily tasks. Students will kick off a journey of inspiration after they choose teamwork. Hence, it is more efficient for students to absorb information than working alone on projects.