Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship.

February 5, 2020 at 10:10 pm

Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship.

With the development of society, there are (unnecessary – change to “In our daily lives,”)  many conflicts (arise) related to what is the most consideration for (change to “in our”) relationships.  It is no doubt that (simplify to “Undoubtedly,”) honesty draws thousands of people’s attention (is of utmost importance to many people). From their viewpoint, sincerity is not only the (article error) decisive factor for (in) building associations (relationships) but also constructing a bright future. In most cases, honesty is a significant consideration in any relationship (repetitive sentence). However, it is reckless to say it shares the best proportion of a table of relationships (is the most important consideration in any relationship).

First of all, it is necessary to have excessive (adjective error) communication skills when it comes to relationship (plural). With these, people could (verb tense error) express their idea clearly and keep their connections easily. To illustrate, when you meet a person at the first of glance (unnecessary), his or her outstanding outfit (chose different words) may give a feeling that you are willing to have a chat. But as the conversations proceed, the person can’t (verb error) express fluently or uses queasy (adjective error) words, how will the conversation go on? Eventually, this talk (conversation) will end up with endless regret. From the above example, we could (verb tense error) conclude that excellent communication skills are significant for making a new relationship.

Moreover, relationship can not do (change to “grow”) without respect. Only through regard (respect) can everybody last (in) a stable relationship. In other words, (if you) respect others’ work and help, which (you) can efficiently avoid some arguments. If we disrespect with (unnecessary – delete) others when getting along with them (incomplete sentence). What is the worst thing is that we take account into that others’ housework is altruistic (rephrase – sentence is unclear). Last week,  I saw a TV program that (in a TV show I saw,) a wife argued with her husband that he did not behave any respect (respect her) since he thought it was granted for a wife to do housework (took her work around the house for granted). What we will learn (as we grow older) is that respect keep (verb tense error) relationships (in) harmony.

To sum up, telling the truth is not the decisive factor in any relationship. Besides, (delete) communication skills and respect also make up the table of relationship (combine two previous sentences). No one will admit they know the most important secrets for keeping a good relationship. And we can’t say if holding above ability and will be the master for any relationship (combine two previous sentences).