Reply To: In twenty years there will be fewer cars in use than there are today.

Olivia …
University: central south university
Nationality: China
February 6, 2020 at 5:55 am

When it comes to traffic in twenty years, different people live in different ideas. In Some of them think it will become heavier, while other people think it will be possible to have less traffic congestion. It is hard for us to define what the future will be like. However, from my point of view, there will be fewer cars than nowadays.

To begin with, it will be environmental-friendly in twenty years with the development of society. Because with the pollution worsening, people become more aware of the environment protection, using clean energy and taking public transportation. For example, my friend Jane used to drive her car to work. However, since she realized the problem of air pollution and noise pollution caused by serious traffic, she has kept a good habit that she commutes by bike or bus. Meanwhile, she also told that it is convenient for her to adopt this travel mode. I believe people who have this awareness are numerous. Therefore, the condition, which fewer cars run on roads, will exist in future.

Moreover, the traffic improvement has something with the development of technologies. We can not deny the power of technologies, which will let us explore outer space or use shuttles to travel sooner or later. Take one of the crucial invention – the Maglev train for instance, it extremely reduces the time consumption. According to a report from the China Transportation Association (CTA), over 80 percent of citizens would like choose the Maglev train to travel instead of private vehicles. One of the respondents mentioned that commuting by trains became more efficient than others. Thus, it is easy to conclude that technologies will enable people to change trip modes and use fewer cars.

Admittedly, driving private cars is convenient, but it will also spend a lots of money, like fuel payment and parking fee and road toll. Besides, it also causes serious traffic jams, which will definitely take up too much time. What the worst thing is that how frequently the traffic accidents happened these years. If we get in buses or subways, we will be safer than driving cars.

To sum up, in twenty years there are less cars than today. The awareness of environment protection is enhancing and technologies are developing rapidly, which enable us to embrace a bright future.