Reply To: The best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide.

Olivia …
University: central south university
Nationality: China
February 13, 2020 at 2:18 pm

As is vastly acknowledged, travel doubtlessly becomes more and more popular with the development of society. In most cases, it eases people from stressful work and enlightens their minds and so forth. For travel modes, different people hold various viewpoints. Some of them think traveling in a group is the best way. However, in my view, guiding by a tour guider is not the first choice to travel.

In the first place, accompanied by friends can be alternate, when it is come to travel. To some extent, companions will render support when having problems during the whole tour. Take my friend Jane as an example, when we traveled to Japan last year, a unpredictable thing happened that we could not find out where hotel was. I was extremely upset, while Jane calmed down quickly and tried to find solutions. Eventually, we arrived at the hotel safely in spite of full of difficulty. Therefore, Not only will travelling with friends help us out, but also enable us experience memorable things together. No one will deny that having a companion is a good way to travel.

Moreover, many people would like to choose to travel alone, which is useful for capabilities’ improvement. Firstly, mapping an interesting travel will improve you organization ability. Meanwhile, it is possible to enable you to be self-reliant. According to a survey of China Travel Association, over 60 percent of people prefer to travel along to enjoy the beautiful scenery rather than join a tour. One of them mentioned that travel alone gave a chance to exercise and improve. Therefore, another wonderful way is to travel alone.

To sum up, it is not best choice to travel in a group led by guide. On the one hand, people can choose to travel with companions, which will give instantly help. On the other hand, travel alone is another choice, which can improve diversified abilities. So which way you choose depends on your situation. Only through suitable way can we enjoy fun and immense on a journey.