Teachers were more appreciated and valued by society in the past than they were nowadays.

February 24, 2020 at 3:34 am

Score: 53.5

Throughout history, teachers have always been [ tense error] an admired and distinguished role [wrong word ] in society. They devoted themselves to passing human wisdom from one generation to another. But according to my observation, the value of teachers has kept declining [wordy ] nowadays.

In the past, the number of teachers was scarce [logical error ] due to limited educational resources. One must be of [dull BE verb ] great knowledge and insight to become a competent teacher. [punctuation error with coordinating word ] So, as a teacher, his or her contributions [logical confusion ] to society were prone to [ rephrase] admiration, (such as Socrates, Plato, and Confucius) [disposition ] . While [wrong adverb ] nowadays, any [ absolute statement] normal university graduate who passes a test can get the qualification. Besides, teachers nowadays [redundant ] only need to teach a rather small part [ punctuation error] instead of overall knowledge. Since the threshold becomes lower, teachers are not so [ wrong adverb] influential as before.

Moreover, the development of technology is another indispensable factor [logical incompleteness ] . Teachers may no longer be a necessity in many areas [ wrong word] . With the help of the Internet, an increasing number of people learn through online courses or even certain applications [unclear ] . Take me as an example. I myself learned to play the [ article error] piano by [wrong preposition ] an APP called Simply Piano, which is able to recognize the sound and give feedback. With such a [singular/plural error ] variety of learning methods, resorting to teachers may not be the only way [logical incompleteness ] . Further, it is possible that someday artificial intelligence could take the place of teachers.

Finally, social media is also a strong impetus [logical incompleteness ] . Teachers’ improper behaviors, including verbal abuse, sexual harassment, or even violence, raise more awareness nowadays. Once a single scandal spread to the public, parents will [ tense error] all be afraid that similar cases would fall on their children. Since negative impacts [ noun form error] are always harsher than [ lack a pronoun] positive counterparts, the whole society’s expectations for teachers lower [ grammatical error] .

In conclusion, although teachers are still respectable, the present social status of teachers is no longer the same as before.