Time spent on smartphones and tablets, by category.

March 17, 2020 at 1:25 am

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Final Revision

The two pie charts present the change [ word form error ] in attractions[ word form error ] of different online activities for smartphone and tablet users. Overall, users spent most of their time on games and social networking in terms of both electronic products.

Games play a predominant role in the time that users spent on smartphones (35%) and tablets (57%). Then the second largest proportion in both devices ascribes to social networking time. Users spent nearly twice as much time on it on smartphones than[wrong preposition/ as..as  ] they do that on tablets. Similarly, users spent more time on utilities on smartphones than on tablets.

By comparison, smartphone users spent a little less time on music, and videos, news, as well as other activities than tablet users. Tablet users spend[ tense error ] 13% of their time on music and videos, while smartphone users only spend[ tense error ] 8% of their time on that. The time consumed on news accounts for 3% of all on smartphones and 4% on tablets. The percentage of time spent on other activities is 5% for smartphone users and 8% for tablet users.