Reply To: Kids are more influenced by their teachers than by their parents.

March 18, 2020 at 1:25 am


[I am unable to complete the revision of your essay since it contains numerous problems.]

As a human being, things [  logical confusion/things are not a human being] that we have experienced and people who we have met contribute to our life [unclear  ] . Without [ article error ] doubt, parents play an essential role in our daily lives. Compared with teachers, parents company with [ preposition error ] us at each crucial point of life.

At the beginning of life, parents [ logical confusion ] passed down genes and gave kids’ lives, which influenced offspring on genetic aspects. To illustrate, people inherit from their parents many of their physical characteristics, like their eyes might copy from their mother or their ears come from their father and so forth[dangling errors  ] . Thus, no matter whether people agree or not, parents affect their kids deeply.

During the long life journey[ redundant ] , kids are learning [wrong word  ] parents’ behaviors and imitating them. Parents are kids’ first teachers. Kids will absorb anything parents present before them. For instance, if parents usually read books, kids will be more likely to imitate them and hold a book despite that they are illiterate. Little kids will become used to reading and doing homework while enrolled in school. However, parents’ bad habits will also seduce children. Some parents enjoy smoking and don’t care if there are kids around them. So their children might be able to learn this behavior and smoke at the early age.

Therefore, it is time for teachers to play their role in schools. Professional teachers will lead students to classify the good and evil, the wax and wane, the beauty and ugliness. The systematic educations help students obtain an overall development. Thus, kids will realize what they should not do and what they could do. Instructors are able to offset some problems caused by parents, such as cosseting kids and spoiling their children. At this certain point, parents fail to replace teachers.

Regarding the development of children, parents have to cooperate with teachers to help kids avoid trapping in dilemma. Thus, I think both parents and teachers can’t be threw during the growth of kids. But, from whole lives of human beings, parents’ effect outweigh the influence of teachers.