Reply To: Time spent on smartphones and tablets, by category. IELTS Task1

March 21, 2020 at 12:20 am

Score: 76.5

Final Revision

The two pie charts present the changes in/concerning the attraction of different online activities for smartphone and tablet users. Overall, users spent most of their time on games and social networking in terms of both electronic products.

Games play a predominant role in the time that users spent on smartphones (35%) and tablets (57%). Then the second largest proportion in both devices ascribes to social networking time. Users spent nearly twice as much time (on it on) [confusing   ] smartphones as they do that on tablets. Similarly, users spent more time on utilities on smartphones than on tablets.

By comparison, smartphone users spent a little less time on music and videos, news as well as other activities than tablet users. Tablet users spent 13% of their time on music and videos, while smartphone users only [ misplaced  ] spent 8% of their time on that. The time consumed on news accounts for 3% of all on smartphones and 4% on tablets. The percentage of time spent on other activities is 5% for smartphone users and 8% for tablet users, respectively.