official must maintain ethical standards

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    University: 华中师范大学(硕),武汉大学(本)

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    April 11, 2019 at 8:56 am

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    GRE TOPIC: To be an effective leader, a public official must maintain the highest ethical and moral standards.

    People choose a leader to guide the nation toward prosperity. Some people claim that it is necessary for a leader to maintain the highest moral standard. From my perspective, the moral standard facilitates efficiency when a leader carries out the policy, yet there are other dimensions to judge the effectiveness of a leader.

    Most citizens readily connect the leadership with the leader’s moral standards. To be more specific, the masses will trust the leader with a high moral standard, support his or her policies and devote themselves to implementing these decisions. On the contrary, a leader would lose public trust [1] and end up in failure if he or she chooses to ignore corruption or hold back information related to the interests of people.

    However, it is imprudent to equate effectiveness with the highest ethical standard. No one is perfect. A leader may have minor moral shortcomings in morality, but people can overlook it if the leader makes progress in regard to public well-being, environment, science, technology and art. If citizens put too much emphasis on the moral aspect, the chances are that no leader would be suitable for the position.

    Besides, the effectiveness of a leader involves not only higher moral standards, but also other factors, including leadership, vision, and cooperative spirit. The environmental pollution demands a leader to negotiate with industries and scientists, to discover essential problems and to have a decisive mind to close the factories producing waste. An excessive focus on moral standards makes no sense and even has an adverse effect.

    In addition, we cannot judge a leader’s morality by the same standards as other citizens. When it comes to the nation’s secrets and maintaining social stability, a leader choosing to keep facts secret should deserve people’s applause rather than criticism. The misuse of these truths by terrorists could pose a threat to the nation.

    To sum up, people welcome a leader with the highest moral standard, but there are also other factors conducive to the effectiveness of a leader.

    Comments: Excellent work. Your ideas are well developed and there aren’t very many errors. I hope the suggestions above will help. [1] ‘Trust’ and ‘confidence’ are non-countable, BUT ‘trusts’ can refer to financial documents…normally, ‘trust’ is not pluralized except in this latter case.