are government doing good in educating people to pay attention to the importance

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    July 11, 2019 at 9:29 am

    What is the most fundamental and basic happiness ? The answer must lie on a strong and healthy body.So it arise a heated discussion whether or not government are doing good in educating people about the importance of the food nutrition and healthy eating.Some people state that our government neglects its duty on residents’ health.However,for my perspective,government actually puts so many efforts on our health career and there are some reasons and details below could sustain my opinion.

    First and foremost,in the field of food nutrition,government provides students,especially from the first grade to the sixth grade,with egg-milk program.That is every student receive an egg and a bulk of milk at breakfast,which doesn’t charge.Therefore,not only will children take care from government,but also become energetic and vigorous.According to I have informed,this program has lasted ten years and more than a million students are benefited from it.It is clearly seeing that our government is sparing no efforts on national health.Besides,recent years government has published many laws related to food health criterion and standard.According to standard,every single company in manufacturing chain has to receive strict inspection.So it is evident that our government makes determination on our health.

    On the other hand,government also takes action on healthy eating.For example,it requests that companies produce transgenic products must tug a notice and indicate this contain transgenic materials.Because of the ethical argument of transgenic technology,government takes care of food resources.Otherwise,fresh water also plays a significant role in our eating health.Government also spends money on cleaning water system and upgrades  the standard of drinking water.Therefore opening a tap we can safely enjoy clean water and don’t have to worry about contamination and pollution.Besides advertisements about food nutrition and eating health can be seen in every corner of our country.These remind people of knowledge of health all the time.

    Admittedly,government put plenty of energy,money and resources on educating people about food nutrition and eating health.And we should comprehend some neglects exist there since government has limit energy to overcome all problems and difficulties .And it focuses on the most severe tasks could bring so many benefits.

    In the end,government still has a long road with thistles and thorns to make sure all human beings happiness and health.Well,as individual, not only should we support government’s action but also erect notions about keeping health.Therefore,a long lasting happy and safe life will come true.

    July 13, 2019 at 8:02 pm


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