Build a new library or a bus station in your community?

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  • Gigiz
    University: high school
    Nationality: China
    December 29, 2022 at 12:02 pm

    In communities, alternative choices of public money making are always difficult. When asked about whether we should spend public money on establishing a public library or a bus station and also bus lines which connect the community with other places, some people hold that a bus station allow residents daily commute conveniently. However, I strongly believe that library worths to build.

    First, although a bus station can conveniently help community people commute, I consider that library is a cultural sign of an area because it can mention inhabitants there is valuable thing to do in their busy and regular life. I think that’s why a library could strengthen the atmosphere of reading and studying within a community. Therefore, inhabitants in this community will read more books generally and contain more categories of knowledge. For instance, children will have better academic performances because they will have red relative books already. Likewise, adults would like to discuss some profound questions rather than chat about some tedious topics which have same content as yesterday’s. For these reasons, library construction is really valuable to build.

    Secondly, during bus station renovation along the road, it may stir uptraffic congestion for weeks or months not only on that single road but also areas surround the construction site. Residents who need to drive to work or school have to waste abundant time on the way every busy morning. After the construction is finished, the disturbance is not over yet. More buses from multiple places will drive into the community where residents rest inside. Imagine when you are enjoying a cup of tea by the window, looking at the starry night after a tiring day, a loud horn intrude your house. When you want to get to bed, another horn sober your up. Over time, people even want to remove. On the contrast, the library could be built far away from main roads so that will not congest the roads. After the library is built, there is no noise but provide people a quiet place to enjoy their life.

    January 4, 2023 at 8:07 pm

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