children(age5-10)should take a break or play games between one-hour classes or

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    November 24, 2019 at 12:17 pm

    Title:Some hold the view that children from 5 to 10should take one hour-long class then have a rest or play some games, while others say that they should take longer classes and have a full rest at noon to increase the time they can focus. Which one do you prefer?

    Nowadays,some young children go to school.With different ideas,some people think children should take longer time classes.However,i think children from five to ten should take an one-hour class and have a rest or play some games between two classes.

    Admittedly,take a long time class have an advantage.Children can focus on their study without being disturbed.However,there are some disadvantages.The first disadvantage is that children will lose their interest on studying.It is too difficult for children to take a long time class,because they are not well developed.Their brains are not mature,so they can only concentrate for only one hour.After an one-hour class,they will feel tired.They just want to have a rest or play some games with their classmates.However,if the teacher forces them to study,children will resist teacher’s behavior.For example,they don’t take notes and they don’t answer the teacher’s question even they know the answer.If they are always forced to study,they will lose their interest on it.

    Plus,the rest between classes can promote the relationship between teacher and children.On the class,the teacher is always teaching the knowledge and the students are always taking notes because they don’t want to miss any point.Both teacher and students are too busy to have a communication in the class.However,they can relax between the classes.The teacher can play games with children.Also,they can talk about something they are both interested in.For example,the students can talk about the entertainment they have been to or a movie just came out.With a better communication,they can know each other better,so they can be good friends instead of only the relationship between students and teacher.

    In conclusion,i think people children from five to ten should have a rest after an one-hour class,because not only students can maintain their interests on studying,but also the relationship between children and the teacher can be promoted.