College and universities should offer students more preparation before they start working.

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  • Leon
    University: East china university of political science and law
    Nationality: China
    October 19, 2021 at 11:54 pm

    College and universities should offer students more preparation before they start working.

    College serves as a crucial bridge between academic-oriented education and a real job market with high practicality. As i see it, despite some efforts made by some universities, the preparation for students before they pursue a career os still far from enough.

    The university should offer the students abundant opportunities to take part in such practical experiences as internship, part-time jobs and volunteering works. On campus, students live in their ivory towers and the environment is far removed from what it is like in real society. Although there might be some organizations they can attend, like the student unions and a rich array of clubs, they do it for fun rather to pursue some kind of goals. And in most students’ minds, they conceive the images of their future jobs largely through imagination and the indirect information from others,which might be too idealistic and lacking in precision, leaving them in a risk of ending up in regret after they enter one kind of career. Nevertheless, through part-time jobs they are free to choose the niche that best suits them by being exposed to the real workplace. A student aspiring to become a renowned journalists, after exposure to the real journalism, might find that the mastery of words and language is far from enough. To become a insightful and respected reporter, one needs the tarts to pursue amazing stories despite outer barricades, as well as the courage and skills to present the story to the public in a suitable and successful manner. The student might find his or her defects waiting to be improved after the experience, and it is definitely beneficial for his future development.

    Moreover, the university should brace the students against the mental hazards that may come into his face. In the first few years of one career, one is faced with the odds of getting into frustration or even depression due to the mental stress and difficulty coming from the intense work and competition, along with the anxiety resulting from peer pressure. Only by making mental education more prevalent can this issue be addressed. Unfortunately, in many universities of my country mental tutors can barely be seen, and many students fall into despair when they have no one to turn to. What’s more, many students on campus, who sticks to their methods of high school, are still not familiar with the cooperative working patterns at work, leaving them vulnerable to conflict between their colleagues. It is the university’s liability to make those cooperative projects compulsive, as well as to increase the social activities that take place on campus. And the duty falls on the university to strengthen students’ such aspects as persistence and tenacity that their jobs will entail.

    In a nutshell, only by giving the students more preparation both academically and mentally can the university ensure the students are to be accustomed to the competitive job market.

    October 21, 2021 at 6:49 pm

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