Critical judgment of work in any given field has little value unless it comes from someone who is an expert in that field.

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  • Piquenbauer
    University: Tianjin University
    Nationality: PRC
    September 17, 2020 at 3:39 am

    Everyone can make judgement of work in any fields, but people working in those fields tend to overlook those judgements given by so-called “laymen” while only seen judgments from experts as critical and considerable. Actually, we need to take different considerations about judgments in different situations.


    We admit that in most situations, experts in their professional fields can surely find critical and intrinsic problem, thus, give workers the most critical and valuable judgment. As they are “experts” in their field, they can use their professional knowledge to give a judgement in a different angel, which can hardly be reached by amateurs. Take soccer as a good example. Soccer fans may criticize their team for not playing well in several matches, attributing to the key players who did not carry the team to win. But the coach-the expert in soccer field, could find that it was because the key players was not arranged in their preferred position. He can change the positions of those key players, or even choose a new formation which may be more suitable for players. The coach made a critical judgment by his professional knowledge, thus, make the team competitive again.


    But in some fields, especially those products needing to interact with customers, those judgments given by so-called “laymen” need to be taken into consideration. For example, smart-phones are pretty common in modern life. The well-admired companies, such as Apple and Huawei, always see judgments given by their customers as valuable, even most of them are non-experts in the field. A critical part of their job is to gather the comments or proposals given by the customers, and they can improve their products by analyzing the proposals and find the critical part, such as the preferred outlook of the mobiles and their custom in using software. Although experts are much more specialized in their field, they may be stick to analyzing by using their professional knowledge, which limit their version to find the easy but essential problem. Thus, experts may reach a conclusion which contradicts the customers’ preference. In this situation, critical judgments given by non-experts are also of great significance.


    In a nutshell, although experts make critical judgments in most situations, we are not supposed to overlook judgments given by non-experts in some fields, which may be as valuable as those given by experts.