CV for master of economics

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    University: Nanjing University
    Nationality: China
    December 23, 2019 at 3:33 pm

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    Yewei Qiu


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    XX University

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    XX, China09/2016 – 06/2020

    Development Economics (94), Game Theory (96), Big-data Economics (97), Behavioral and Experimental Economics

    (97), International Trade (98)
    University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, CA

    •   Exchange Program 01/2019-05/2019
    •   Courses: Topics in Economics Research, Introduction to Environmental Economics and Policy, Global Societies and

      Cultures, Directed Group Study for Undergraduates


      Project Intern, The Amity Foundation 09/2019-Present

    •   Participated in the “E-wan Action” that aims to raise funds through Internet philanthropy for underprivileged children in

      rural areas, to improve their quality of life and offer an equal chance of access to education

    •   Inspected over 400 children’s transcripts to check their eligibility to be funded
    •   Led a team of volunteers to organize over 300 students’ transcripts and photographs, contact subsidizers to update

      students’ most recent status quos in life and studying, uploaded and maintained students’ information on cloud
      Manager’s Assistant, Quantitative Investment Department, TVP Fund Co. Ltd. 08/2018-09/2018

    •   Collected information (e.g., product, brand, output value, and market share) on over 300 A-shares listed companies of

      mainly four industries including textiles and garments, house appliances, agriculture and farming, and business and trades

    •   Employed software, e.g., Wind and Eastmoney, to aggregate and organize collected data
    •   Utilized PowerPoint, Xmind, Visio to produce a series of charts, such as organizational charts, etc.
    •   Participated in organizing and producing employees’ profiles and information tables

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    •   Bachelor of Economics (Expected)
    •   Overall GPA: 3.755/4.0 (88/100, 4.41/5.0)
    •   Key Courses: Econometrics (90), International Finance (91), Statistics (92), History of Economic Thoughts (94),

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    Environmental Health Risks and Housing Values: Evidence from China’s Polluting Enterprises Closure and Relocation
    Research Project, Nanjing University
    Mentor: Prof. Bing Zhang and Mengdi Liu

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     Organized the list of relocating enterprises in Beijing, policies introduced regarding closure and relocation of the polluting enterprises in Beijing, and policies introduced in China from the year 2014 to 2017 about relocating chemical engineering enterprises

    China’s National Battery Industry: An Overview of Innovation Potential 05/2019-09/2019Summer Research Project, University of California, Berkeley
    Mentor: Prof. David Wells Roland-Holst

    •   Collected and organized literature and news from databases including Google Scholars and China Battery Enterprise

      Alliance on the newest R&D achievements, production scale, the applications of China’s battery technology in all industries, market size and developmental prospects of new battery technology, and relative policies of China’s battery industry

    •   Extracted core viewpoints of each article and produced 25,000-word summaries, which provided accurate data and source materials for the project team to deliver a report – China’s National Battery Industry: An Overview of Innovation Potential

      The Effect of the Carbon Tax on Carbon Emissions in Ukraine 03/2019-05/2019Independent Study in Course: Topics in Economic Research
      Instructor: Prof. Barry Eichengreen

     Collected and cleaned panel data on more than 20 variables from 1996-2017 for Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Ukraine

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    •   Performed statistical and quantitative analysis of the data using R language and used difference-in-difference method to identify the effect of Ukraine’s carbon tax on carbon emissions; used tables and charts to display result – carbon tax did not significantly reduce Ukraine’s carbon emissions
    •   Independently completed 28 pages of English papers; explained possible reasons of statistical insignificance in the effect of Ukraine’s carbon tax policy; proposed feasible policy recommendations for developing countries’ emission reduction

      Study on the Effects of GDP and Air Quality on Average Expected Life Span 12/2018

    •   Analyzed the correlations among air quality, residents’ physical conditions, and economic developments, and compared

      obtained results within China and worldwide

    •   Collected each country’s Current Health Expenditure (CHEs) data from website “the World Factbook – Central

      Intelligence Agency”; checked the server source codes, and constructed suitable regular expressions; obtained over 200

      countries’ CHEs with GET method, produced CSV files to provide data-based support for subsequent research

    •   Conducted data aggregation and cleansing with Python, including missing values, outliers, sorting, calculating, format

      adjusting, consolidation, etc.

    •   Utilized data and charts to complete six sets of regression analysis
    •   Used Python to organize the original datasets into a specific format before embedding in Java codes to produce regression

      plot diagram, scatter diagram and dynamic bubble chart to demonstrate correlations objectively
      Seeking a Green China – Taking Urumchi, Xinjiang as an Example to Explore the Status 07/2018-08/2018Quo of Garbage Treatment in Western China

    •   Gathered five team members to visit a local community garbage treatment station, a garbage transferring station and a

      solid-waste treatment plant, to comprehend local garbage treatment processes in details and in-depth

    •   Worked with team members to compose a social practice investigation report on the status quo and prospects of garbage

      treatment in Urumchi, and raised improvement plans for existing garbage treatment techniques


      Campus Ambassador, Teach for China (TFC) at Nanjing University 09/2018-06/2019

    •   Organized a reading program “Accompanying Tutor”; edited activity plan and summary; managed the recruitment of

      tutors; helped over 20 students from Guangzhou to cultivate a good reading habit

    •   Assisted the regional manager in hosting career fairs and recruited volunteer teachers to rural areas of China; conveyed

      educational ideas and social responsibilities of “Teach for China” to over 100 audiences
      Key Member, International Organization Association, Nanjing University 09/2018-06/2019

    •   Managed logistics for meetings with visiting officials and seminars by specialists
    •   Established functional interactions and collaborations with members and ensured the success of the events
      Volunteer, Nanjing University Youth Volunteers Association 2017-2018
    •   Visited elderly patients in the leprosy recovery village for a week; in charge of photographing and recording
    •   Raised money for autism children by participating in the “Autism Children’s Painting Exhibition” charity sale,

      responsible for venue layout, publicity, and event explanation; total revenue reached over 2000 yuan

    •   Accompanied the hearing-impaired children in the “Ningsheng Hearing Recovery Center” by telling stories and

      playing games with them

    •   Participated in recycling activities on campus and cleaned trash on the shore of the Yangtze River to create a

      low-carbon and sustainable environment


      Honors & Awards:

    •   3rd Prize, NJU People’s Scholarship (11/2017)
    •   Silver Medal, NJU Social Practice Team (11/2017)
    •   Outstanding Award for Social Practice, NJU (10/2017)

    Skills: Python, R, Latex, Wind, Microsoft, Google apps


    •   Captain of the tennis team of Nanjing University Business School
    •   Photographer of Nanjing University Photography Studio


    December 25, 2019 at 2:05 am

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