George Washington University Personal Statement International Relations

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    University: Liaoning University
    Nationality: China
    January 28, 2020 at 9:53 pm

    George Washington University Personal Statement International Relations

    I am particularly interested in exploring the current and evolving incarnation of US-China relations. As China continues to expand its scope of development, it strives to lift more and more large populations out of poverty, and at the same time faces the crisis of global trust in the brand Qassim and prepares itself to embrace it wholeheartedly; as the only one in the world While the United States is waiting for the encouragement of the new leadership, the United States is facing an uncertain economic future and a series of urgent strategic challenges.

    At this particular juncture in history, whether there are many questions about the form and form of future world leadership from a political, economic, or military perspective, there are valuable opportunities to participate in international discussions about its power. Development is achieved through the challenges of the modern global economy, the growing pain of development, regional inequality tensions, environmental and energy challenges, the threat of terrorism, and the rules that countries are accountable to each other in the near and long-term future.

    We have long called the 21st century the Asian century, or more specifically the Chinese century, but it is clear that at this point, the next few years will be a huge period of adjustment, during which the United States will decide how to adapt or No, a China with both hard and soft power defines itself in the world.

    I am honored to have the opportunity to explain to you why I applied for the Graduate Program in US-China Relations at the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs. Your distinguished institution has established a global benchmark of political science, international relations and leadership excellence. It is in this spirit of achievement that I am immersed in myself while preparing for my career in international relations.

    Over the years, as the scope and complexity of the international system has grown, the Elliott School of International Affairs has grown to accommodate new participants and new emotions. We stand at the historic peak of international affairs: countries in our world are more interconnected than ever before, exerting influence in overlapping regions and sectors, and many actors now stand on the important side of determining the entire continent and even the entire direction The moment the world will evolve into an international student is an exciting time, and the prospect of playing a future role in international affairs is even more exciting.

    Postgraduate studies at the Elliott School of International Affairs in the heart of the world’s capital will provide me with a great opportunity to understand the issues arising from the large-scale power transfers and reorganizations that occur today and prepare me to be active Play a role as the voice of mediation and cooperation between these major powers in the future. I believe that George Washington University has leading ideas in international relations, a vibrant and diverse student population, and an outstanding institutional history, which is the ideal environment for me to combine my knowledge and Chinese experience, including political, demographic, economic, and military realities, Learn about the pursuit of the United States and the realities of the various international systems in which these powers operate

    January 28, 2020 at 10:00 pm

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