Critical judgment of work in any given field has little value unless it comes fr

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    Topic: “Critical judgment of work in any given field has little value unless it comes from someone who is an expert in that field.”

    Some people think that critical judgement of work in a given discipline has its value only when it is proposed by the expert in that field, while the others hold the opinion that some non-experts are also able to put forward valuable comments. In my opinion, experts are capable of putting forward some critical judgements, but others are still able to evaluate the work if they know the basic knowledge in that field.

    It is obvious that most specialists in a certain subject are capable of judging an accomplishment in a more critical way. First of all, specialists learn more expertise in this specific discipline and therefore, they are able to assess it better. For instance, when it comes to science and technology, it is quite hard for non-experts to evaluate a work and sometimes they even have no understanding at all. A researcher’s result must be reviewed by peers and a technician’s products must be scrutinized by vocational inspectors. Therefore, most experts are able to judge work in their field from a better perspective.

    However, some non-experts can also make a valuable judgement especially when an effort is related to art and business. For example, it is generally accepted that customers’ opinion is usually worth more that from professional advertisement designers for the reason that those advertisements are intended for promotions. Hence, consumers’ viewpoint is definitely significant than professional designers’. In addition, a large number of artists would like to have their paintings and sculptures appreciated by others, so their viewpoint is also important to us.

    What’s more, non-experts are able to have their innovative insight which may help experts improve the relevant work. They usually try to solve a problem in an ingenuous thinking pattern and in consequence, an innovative breakthrough will be proposed. As an ordinary worker in a patent agency, Einstein solved a paradox by relativity theory, which was attested to be priceless as a judgement towards traditional mechanics after the examinations of plenty of experiments. Non experts’ creative thinking mode can also contribute to a discipline from time to time.

    In conclusion, it is inappropriate to claim that critical judgements from non-experts are useless. By contrast, they also have the ability to consider in a better way.

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