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    March 15, 2020 at 2:21 pm

    The best way to travel is in a group led by tour guide

    Recently, due to the increasing income of citizen, and development of transportation, there are more people like to spend time on traveling while they are in vacation. There are two ways of travelling, including go by yourself, and travel in group led by tour guide. Some people think that the best way to travel is the second choice. Well, frankly said that, I agree with this statement. Here are my reasons.

    Firstly, travel with a group can save your time on searching out the places, which is a big advantage comparing to making plans by yourself. Imaging that after one year of intensive work, you finally get a vacation for you to relax, and you plan to take a trip to have a good time with your family, which should be a really relaxing time. However, if you have to make a travel schedule on your own, it’s definitely, without any doubt, will be quite annoying, because searching the information could be quite tedious and will took a lot of your free time. However, if you decide to go with a group, it just took you several minutes to pay the bill, then all the things the travel company will do for you. What a wonderful experience!

    Secondly, travel with group could be safer. For instance, every travel company includes the insurance incase of some accidental moments. What’s more the tourist have more experience in the resorts, and they know how to avoid some dangerous place and the place with high generally go with group is safer than make the plan yourself and travel alone.

    The third reason is, go with a group is more relaxing. As I mentioned above, traveling should be a time that you relax yourself without thinking some other things. If you go by yourself, you may consider a lot of things, and the experience may not be very good. You may worry about this and that.

    So, in conclusion, the best way to travel is led by tour guide, because they are more timesaving, safer and more relaxing.