I choose to evaluate teachers’ performance by students.

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  • kkming
    University: Tianjin University
    Nationality: Chinese
    November 22, 2020 at 10:55 am

    Nowadays, administrators in school pay increasingly attention on teachers’ performances to pursue better average score of students. Some administrators prefer to value teachers by themselves, others endorse the way of assessing teachers by students. Personally speaking, I am indeed prone to the latter one.

    It is obvious that grades of students reflect teaching level. Teachers always endeavor to impart knowledge they hold to students. Since knowledge to be taught is all same, if teaching skill is weak, there is few chances for students to do well in tests. And the disadvantage of bad skill could be perceived by students themselves . Nonetheless, there is no possibility for teachers themselves to sensitize. Thus, letting students to assess how a teacher appears during their teaching could be more appropriate.

    If administrators select other teachers to value, there could be some unpleasant consequence. What’s worse is that if judgers both hold prejudice toward better one, the process of evaluation must become unfair. It would end up with selecting a winner who is not qualified. If so, the reward to fake winner could insults to both those actually do better and their students. Further, that could lead those skilled teachers consider justice just like a joke. What a pity if one person don’t believe fairness and justice. In this term, we should not choose teachers to value themselves.

    Although not all teachers are ones I described, situation I listed above maybe some kind of extreme. And few students ,truly, not accurately identify which teacher performs well. For the most popular situation, we should not deny that giant number of right decisions made by students for evaluation could be more effective, more direct, and more accurate. And we can’t ignore the  worst influence produced by tiny part of teachers who are wicked . People are more likely to choose one with smallest drawbacks and biggest advantages. In this way, choosing  students to evaluate seems better.

    The points I just provided have explicitly denoted which opinion I lean. For best outcome and fairness, we should decide to let students assess how teachers perform.

    November 23, 2020 at 6:50 pm

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