In any situation, the best way to persuade other people is to present them with facts and statistics rather than with emotional arguments.

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    January 11, 2021 at 1:14 pm

    In any situation, the best way to persuade other people is to present them with facts and statistics rather than with emotional arguments.
    Reason: Facts are objective, so they are more persuasive than subjective appeals.
    Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim and the reason on which that claim is based.

    Nowadays, the topic has caused much attention among people that whether people should persuade the others with robust facts and statistics or emotional lectures. I totally agree with the former. Considering facts are objective, they are more persuasive than subjective appeals. The author gives the preceding conclusion.
    Consider, humans are intended to make comments with personal emotions. So it is unreasonable to believe what people say blindly.Emotional arguments include lots of things, like personal experiences or those heard from friends, personal value growing from childhood and so on. These are various elements that influence people’s judgements, such as job, the celebrity, friends and relatives, the environment and so on. These are of much uncertainty. For example, I received a present, which was just a dress with shoddy materials. However, I thought it was the best dress in the world because it was a gift from my dear boyfriend. Thus, what we can conclude is that personal comments are special opinions with different degrees of prejudice.
    The reason is based on the assumption that facts are true and of great reliability. As we know, sometimes, public media distorts facts for interest and guides the mass by steering the flow of the information. The public departments may belie what they do not want people to see and overstate what they want people to believe. There is no doubt that we should choose absolute objective facts for persuasion, such as scientific researches and investigations with justified statistics and reports.
    To sum up, objective facts are what we should first consider when we persuade others, and what’s more, it is wise for us to take into account their reliability and credibility.

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    Although there are fierce debates about the relationship within a group-work, the decision switching from compromising to winning is ultimately still a stigma for every group members.

    To say, with more empathsis on submitting to the “Greater Good”, the interest of the union is listed as priority. Plenty of historical events, for example, the second world war in the last century, has already proved the unsong sacrifise of soldiers in field. Generally, personal identity or thoughts within the troup is compromised by orders for the entire group, which ensures a further and more promising blueprint in army deploy. What’s more, in commercial issues, workers who involved in a business deal displace not only their personal apperance or accent but also the idea and contered purpose of the whole group. To take the Deutsch Bank for example, which has recently suspended part of the collaboration with Trump. This decision could be a potential threat to the cooperation between Trump-related componies and some european international corporations. However, from a larger scale, it also restrained the existing risk of being affected by oversea commercial powers.

    The result are actually not taked seriously, whether winning or losing. Outcome could be the final end of a group-work, so does the process. When there are some interesting debutes about the meaning of victory or failure, the process of the whole work seems more important. For instance, in political areas, there are items “doulble-win” used in the collaborated between Chinese government and the Japanese government, which encourages a consensus in political compromise during the 2018, enabling the export and import business to run further with higher tax rate.

    To sum up, for the group leader, compromising would also leading the group to the final result, where the result lays no more importance as the process, since policital and commercial issues are always concerned with many other issues.

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