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    July 25, 2020 at 10:00 am

    The six pie charts illustrate how the water is consumed in six area around the world. the proportions have differences between developing and developed areas.

    Firstly, the order of industrial water use from high to low is Europe(54%), North America(48%), Southeast Asia(12%), South America(10%), Africa(7%), and Central Asia(5%). There is a gap between North America and Southeast Asia.

    Secondly, it comes to agricultural use. the area uses water for agriculture most is Central Asia,with 88% of the total water use. Following is Africa. It has 84% in agriculture use, and then Southeast Asia(81%). The other developing area South America has 71% water used in agriculture. For developed areas, the agricultural water usage in turn is North America(39%) and Europe(32%).

    Finally, it is domestic use. the difference in the six areas is not as large as the other uses. the least percentage in 7% is Central Asia and Southeast Asia. The most use is 19% in South America. It is followed by Europe with 15%, North America with 13%, and Africa with 9%.