Laws should be flexible enough to take account of various circumstances, times, and places.

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  • haochouchak
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    September 16, 2020 at 6:43 am

    The author suggests that laws should be circumstantial when they are implemented in different situations.
    From my own perspective, the laws should be unbiased and determined that gives no room for compromising.

    For society, rigid law is necessary to follow whatever the circumstances are. It is because social fairness is too vulnerable to
    balance while the interpretations of laws is changing over time.For example, the strict implementation of a harsh law is a
    big menace to the corrupted officials that use their privilege to work for their self-intereste. To avoid spending rest of life
    in jail those officials are likely to sway the judge to adapt less harmful adjudication.With the flexible interpretation of laws and
    the pressure from the upper class, it is also possible that the vicious people eventually get rid of the punishment that they
    deserved.This would certainly ruin the public confidence toward judicial system and undermine the vulnerable social fairness.
    Therefore,rigid laws is necessary for society.

    For individuals, flexible laws may lead to the inaccurate understanding of certain articles. People are likely to be confounded by
    the unstable judicial interpretation and therefore obey the laws in their own ways.Crime like fraud is one of the vivid example.
    Since some behaviours in business world are required intense use of disguises which are similar to the measures that are
    applied in fraud, the businessmen are concerned with the uncertainty that laws are not limited in a clear scope.They have to
    earn a living in the vicinity of cliff although they are not intended to violate the laws.If the law itself is less flexible the majority of individuals
    may be benefit from the clear boundary of law that they can make important decision without hesitation.

    Although in some extent which laws should be flexible enough to the development of society, the law should not be frequently revised because it would
    undermine the credibility and authority of law. Some laws that related to economic growth and industrial policy should be keeping up with their paces.With the development
    of economy, new industry arises and new business model is introduced.The outdated laws may impede the development of new-established business sector.E-commerce is used
    to be treated as a kind of smuggle . This business enjoys a significant growth after most of countries legalizing this act.

    In sum, certain changes is justifiable to accommodate laws to a developing society.Meanwhile some measures of the consistency and predictability in law should be considered seriously.
    This is not only for the overall well-being, but also for the convenience of individuals.