Letter of Recommendation for Electronical and Computer Engineering

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    University: Zhejiang University
    Nationality: China
    October 23, 2019 at 2:25 pm

    Dear sir or madam,


    In the capacity of Pansheng Chen’s Supervisor at Zhejiang University, I am honored to write this reference in support of his application to your postgraduate program. I firmly believe that the combination of Pansheng’s intelligence, focus and passion for this field assures his further success especially under your professional guidance.


    Serving as his project supervisor of <i>S</i><i>tudent Research Training Program</i> as well as the teacher of the course <i>Design of </i><i>Electronic System Engineering</i>, I perceived his innovative thinking, independent problem-solving ability and teamwork spirit. In the course of SRTP Project, he often communicated with me over the design and some details of the case. But the program per se, covering the topic and the resolution of the various difficulties encountered in the actual development, was almost done by himself. And I was fairly satisfactory with his achievement. Apart from that, in the class of <i>Design of </i><i>Electronic System Engineering (</i><i>his final score </i><i>95, ranking top</i><i> </i><i>1%)</i>, he completed the development of digital memory oscillograph and finished the development of temperature measuring system based on NTCR and Bluetooth very well. And he often took responsibility and proactively cooperated with other members in system design, which contributed to the process of every project.


    As a highly practical student, Pansheng always invests much time and energy in what he is keenly interests in. Therefore, he often finished the project faster and better than other students. With the developmental efficiency, serious attitude and solid foundation, Pansheng is exactly the perfect candidate that you are seeking for.


    In short, I highly recommend my outstanding student Pansheng Chen to your postgraduate program. And I also believe that Pansheng will be a successful expertise in the future after receiving professional and systematical training in your university. Your favorable assessment will be highly appreciated!


    Best Regards,