LLM Internship Recommendation Letter

  • ayh
    University: Peking University
    Nationality: China
    October 9, 2021 at 2:14 am

    Dear Admissions Officer,

    I am extremely happy to write to you to support Alexandra Y Huang and her desire to attend your LLM program. I am now a senior partner in the capital markets department at Global Law Office and became acquainted with Alexandra since 2021.7 as her internship supervisor. As a senior attorney and legal practitioner with rich experience in examining young lawyers, I have a close understanding of her professional capacity and research potential. Her performance impressed me a lot and far exceeded her peers’.

    Alexandra is an excellent intern with earnest attitude and strong growth potential. Her contracts revising represents her detail-oriented ability. She could revise hundred pages of contracts and update equity penetration data for hundreds of enterprises with high efficiency, and often spot imperceptible errors from substance to form. As a student, she doesn’t appear much gap between legal theory and practices. She understands works much faster than her peers do and can show her strong legal proficiency after having some experience in her works. Once I asked her to check whether a Limited Partnership Agreement is accorded with some newly updated regulatory requirements. It was not a time-limited work, however; she sent me a full revised version of the agreement late that night. Not only did she revise certain provisions with proper language, she also quoted corresponding regulatory provisions for the texts. She wrote her analysis according to those regulations and provided some advice that what contents should be further supplemented in the agreement. This feedback version impressed me because it is so comprehensive and accurate. There are only a few amendments left for me, with no additional works of checking with those relative regulations.

    Another point I want to mention is that Alexandra has a strong communication ability with clients. She can quickly understand what clients are concerned about, standing in their positions to conduct her legal research and make practical answers. Once I supervised her to follow up a private investment fund manager’s registration, and the client was concerned about the place to register their company. Alexandra was responsible for communicating with the client. She identified several areas with them and responded a clear policy memorandum to their concern. Her memorandum covered all the relevant local tax preferential and supportive policies, ranging from enterprises to individuals, and she even consulted the local taxation bureau. She summarized the policies of each area and provided a targeted answer, combining with the consulting opinions. The client was delighted with her response, her communication and the ability to solve problems for clients made a significant contribution to our project.

    All in all, Alexandra’s performance in her internship has won her high recognition from me and other colleagues. Her smart, aspirant and dependable quality convinced me she could grow into an outstanding legal professional. Therefore, I am willing to lend her a hand in her career. What’s more, she will always be welcome to return to our law firm upon her graduation. I have every confidence that she will adapt herself to graduate study well and prove herself as an invaluable asset to your institute. Therefore, I strongly recommend her to you without reservation and hope that you can take her application into full consideration. Please feel free to contact me if further information is needed.


    October 17, 2021 at 1:37 am

    Please discuss with me via WeChat concerning your RL.