material science major-RL

  • JunShu
    University: Wuhan university of technology
    Nationality: Chinese
    July 13, 2021 at 4:27 am

    Dear colleagues,

    It’s a distinct pleasure for me to recommend Miss Jun Shu for admission to your program. I have come to know her in my capacity as her direct research advisor during her undergraduate studies. In about three years of working closely with me, Jun Shu has thoroughly convinced me that she is a student with great eagerness and adequate competence to contribute to materials science.

    Jun Shu initially impressed me with her motivation for scientific research when she actively approached me to discuss the possibility of joining my lab. During our conversation, I found her a mature and goal-oriented individual who knew her goals clearly and acted on them boldly. As a result, I decided to admit her, which later turned out to be a worthy move to take. Jun Shu joined the lab as a novice at performing materials experiments. But with her diligence and talent, she grasped various materials characterization and preparation techniques, such as XRD, SEM, TEM and hydrothermal reactor, etc., and experimental procedures within the first two years. Since her third year, she has risen to become one of the major members of the lab, always taking the lead in identifying and solving problems in experiments and pushing forward the implementation of the projects.

    Jun Shu’s creativity and personal charisma are a huge advantage to her team in the multiple projects that she led. She could come up with good ideas and call on the right team members to implement them. Such was the case with the thermal insole her team designed. Immediately after she had this idea, she discussed with me the feasibility and quickly assembled a team consisting of students with different majors ranging from materials, automobile engineering, energy and power engineering, and communication engineering. As I saw it, the cohesion of her team largely came from the strong leading role she played. She recognized the strengths of all members and put them in suitable posts to fulfil the final goal of the project. When the team was unaware of where the current tasks would take them, she could re-orient the group by presenting specific measures to be taken. This insole project was once interrupted by the covid-19 pandemic, and Jun Shu expressed to me her frustration about the project progress. But Instead of being demoralized by the situation, she regained her strength and managed to exert a positive impact on her team members. As a result, her team produced the well-functioning insole as planned, and the project won the grand prize nationwide, a prize that few teams in WHUT have ever earned.

    Jun Shu’s laboratory skills and analytical ability were obvious in the way she remained organized, efficient, prioritized well, and anticipated requirements during various experiments. One typical example that left me with a very deep impression was when Jun Shu was writing a research progress report on “Zif67-NaCF3SO3 modified electrolyte for high-voltage cathode sodium ion batteries” as the one and only undergraduate student among other postgraduates and doctoral students. She presented detailed and accurate core characterization data such as XRD, SEM, TEM, Infrared spectrometry, Raman spectrometry, as well as the battery’s electrochemical performance, including EIS, CV, LSV, and IT data, proving the improved performance of the battery.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Jun Shu and recognize her as a valuable asset to any team. In the last year, I successfully recommended one of my students, Zifeng Lin, to Stanford and I regard Jun Shu as an exceptional candidate of the same caliber. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Jun Shu’s admission into your program, where she is sure to develop her talent further.

    Sincerely yours,

    August 2, 2021 at 4:01 am

    The admissions panel will lose interest in reading such a lengthy RL.