material science major-RL

  • JunShu
    University: Wuhan university of technology
    Nationality: Chinese
    July 13, 2021 at 4:27 am

    Dear Admission officer,

    I am quite delighted to comply with Jun Shu’s request for me to write a letter of recommendation to support her admission to your program. Miss Shu is one of few impressive students in the two classes that I teach: Materials Research and Testing Methods and Materials Research and Testing Methods Experiments. She obtained 89% and 90% for these two courses, respectively, which enables her to easily rank in the top 5 percent of all undergraduates in her department.

    In addition to actively communicating with me and discussing problems with classmates in the class, Miss Shu invariably played the role of a leader in all the course projects and carried out her jobs to a high standard. The projects she led were always of the highest quality, which was indispensable from the concerted efforts of all team members. For example, while once completing a report concerning in-situ electron microscope and four-dimensional electron microscope, she reasonably assigned tasks to her members and organized them to pay a field visit to WHUT’s Nanostructure Research Centre. Finally, she summarized the work of her members and gave an exhaustive presentation on the topic, proposing thought-provoking questions and constructive perspectives that exhibited her analytical skills.

    Miss Shu maintains good study habits that make her a high-performing and efficient pupil. After finishing each chapter of the textbook, she would, without being asked to, use the mind mapping tool to summarize key knowledge points and submit them to me. In her submission, she elaborated on principles, sample requirements, instruments, characteristics, application scopes of every testing method and would make comparisons, such as TEM versus SEM. Moreover, she often took advantage of my office hours to discuss the feasibility of her solutions to a certain problem she met in materials testing. Additionally, the reports or assignments she submitted were often logical, informative, and well-formatted. With such a sincere attitude toward learning, it is no wonder that she has performed so well in my courses.

    I also would like to mention that Miss Shu has commendable lab skills. During the experiment sessions, she was always the first to complete the tasks I assigned. What’s even more impressive is that she could draw inferences about other experiments from one instance. By way of analogy, she could identify problems and find solutions from the perspective of techniques as well as theoretical principles.

    Judging by Jun Shu’s outstanding performance while she studied with me, I am convinced that she has acquired the knowledge and intellectual sophistication to receive further world-class training. I, therefore, lend her my enthusiastic support and would appreciate your favorable consideration of her application.


    August 2, 2021 at 3:57 am

    A poorly written RL.

    I.e. ‘ I am quite delighted to comply with Jun Shu’s request for me to write a letter of recommendation to support her admission to your program.’  — It is the admissions panel that will decide to admit you or not to do so. How would your professor make a decision for the admissions committee?

    There are many other problems. Rewrite your RL.