Miami University Master of Accountancy Personal Statement

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  • Ren
    University: UIUC
    Nationality: UIUC
    September 18, 2019 at 4:01 pm

    Miami University Master of Accountancy Personal Statement: “This is a marketing tool for you; take this opportunity to tell us who you are, what’s important to you, and other information that you believe makes you unique. You may choose to expand on items on your resume (e.g. educational and professional experiences) or highlight other achievements or goals. Your personal statement should show us how you will be a valuable addition to the Miami MAcc program. Tell us your story!”

    I am giving my application to the Miami University Master of Accountancy. I have considered my higher education, I believe the choices I make now can make my future success as an individual professional. I have asked for admission to your institution because of the quality of your academic program I will bond with my professors and fellow students, the network will benefit me throughout my professional career.

    I have pursued determinedly towards achieving them. My efforts have been rewarded both at a Chinese institution, and my high class rank means various scholarships received to attest the success in my future studies in a western institution Miami University Master of Accountancy; and no doubt what success I have had, has depended in large part upon the support and encouragement of friends. In to pursue graduate studies at Miami University Master of Accountancy I am taking a significant step in the direction of independence and adulthood, and in the advancement of my professional knowledge in Miami University Master of Accountancy and beyond. I hope to give efforts and talents to the continuing academic excellence of Miami University Master of Accountancy.

    I have invested myself in understanding accounting out of a passion for its applicability and on account of the myriads aspects in relation to our lives which it influences and helps to understand the business world in a grand manner. I also view accounting as an expedient tool that can be, will be, and must be, wielded to achieve positive outcomes for people, business and countries in modern life, whether it be in planning meaningful finances on the individual level, managing supremely sophisticated accounts on the corporate level, or detecting the irregular and problematic performance of an economy on the national or international level. Undoubtedly, accounting helps us set up goals while at the same time without overusing, wasting or otherwise compromising the resources available to us.

    Accounting is not merely theoretical nor empirical as well. Knowing this full well I engaged and put and throw in myself passionately in the practices in the professional settings of the world. My internships at accounting firms are sucessful; successful because successful professional settings helped me better understand successful accounting theories when they are put in the practical ends, and allowed me the opportunity to get a clear understanding of should I can mobilize that which for that I am passionate about to improve our life and our world. I want to further hone up and down my skills and develop my talents in accounting in order to make substantial contributions to this substantial profession to which I am dedicated to Miami University Master of Accountancy.

    Consequently, I believe my dream which I had of dreaming of graduate studies at Miami University Master of Accountancy is the reflection in plus the extension of my academic interest and professional goals and objectives and aspirations. In selecting your institution I am interested in the quality and diversity of your Miami University Master of Accountancy, evidenced by its high national ranking in the field together in conjunction of its broad curriculum in accounting and beyond. In addition, I am won over in heart and soul with your small class size that cannot be smaller, which allows me to interact with professors and fellow students all time. Finally, I am fascinated with the opportunities to win over the accounting professionals from the accounting industry, which will enable me to learn more of the cutting edge knowledge that will cut into the profession of accounting, and of the proper culture prevailing in the American business world.

    I have pick up Miami University Master of Accountancy also for the challenges it will test me as an individual adapting to a new environment and as a student into myself in a rigorous academic environment. I am up to these challenges ready, and extremely eager to prove myself capable of overcoming them all and at once at Miami University Master of Accountancy. I have shown myself to be a strong member of a number of communities, ranging as leadership skills and a sense of adventure, and I also show my success that differs enormously from that of my home fellows. I am proficient in two world languages: Chinese and English, and since I came to attend a French institution this fall I could converse with people in French; believing my strong language skills will benefit me in me and in your university and in my professional development as well. The pursuit of graduate studies overseas is a significant investment for myself and for my family so and at this stage of my academic and professional development I believe I am prepared for more challenges that dare to come. I look forward to the opportunity to growing further and full within an environment of Miami University Master of Accountancy



    September 26, 2019 at 9:27 pm

    Score: 36.6

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    Lin Qiu