Motivation letter for GE(MIM)program

  • Carina
    University: SIT
    Nationality: Chinese
    February 4, 2021 at 9:40 am

    The digitization of global corporations, a process that would have taken many years to complete, has been accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis. For companies, near-term challenges are to reconfigure organizational structure, innovate digitally, and develop sustainably. The future of marketing, therefore, needs to be more in accordance with the theme of the times: digitalization.

    Having acquired solid theoretical knowledge in marketing strategies, I started thinking about the complexity of the business world. As business world is not monolithic in terms of changes in relation to the corporate issues presented in case studies. Thus, in my sophomore year, l led a team on an innovation enterprise project. Our program aimed at reducing the chaos of micro-businesses and resellers in China by 30 percent. As the marketing director, I researched three of the most significant factors that affect the sustainability of our program. And for two of these factors, logistics and consumer interaction, I organized the team to conduct regional market research. The data collected was used to maximize consumer trust and reduce logistics costs.  Although this was my first approach to how simple data can be used to achieve sustainability, the experience promoted me to dig deeper into sustainable development.

    After constant learning of sustainable development of corporations, I realize that there is a need for multi-skilled individuals in the industry; therefore, I challenged myself to explore architectural design. I participated in an UNIQLO shop design team. My in-depth knowledge of market models allows me to optimize the shopping experience process for consumers, by combining consumer preferences with several different dimensions of data. In the process of exploration, I started to progressively learn about the fashion industry; especially about the environmental sustainability. Then, it was almost by chance that I was involved in a social innovation project. And that is when I designed an entire business plan related to environment. I became more interested in digital transformation for environmental sustainability.

    Later, I had an opportunity to explore more. My related experience at an NGO in Shanghai gave me a better understanding of the history and development of the ESG (Environment, Society and Governance) sector. The growing focus of corporations on ESG convinces me that companies are taking on social responsibility. ESG, however, is a new emerging industry; thus, it is difficult to understand the areas ESG covers in a short time. Through extracting useful information from the complex mix of signal and noise, I studied ESG investing and ESG rating methodologies.

    In a world fraught with intensive competition, demands for multi-skilled talents are growing. Recently, XXX launched CONSILIENCE, which is multidisciplinary integration to develop strategies. I have learned the importance of data for sustainable development. However, to be a manager, it is the combination of humanities and business that needs to be further explored. In addition, XXX is a prestigious school with the spirit of XXX Venture. Since my ultimate goal in life is to establish a regional environmental project that benefits society, this teaching method can provide me global opportunities rooted in China recycling ecosystems. At the same time, I can also bring into Chinese perspectives. I feel that these attributes, coupled with a profound concern for sustainability, will ensure my success as a graduate student in XXX and a loyal alumnus of XXX in the future.

    February 5, 2021 at 3:36 am

    Score: 43.3

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