• yinvia_
    University: Harbin Institute of Technology
    Nationality: China
    December 21, 2021 at 2:09 pm

    With the intensified competence between people in the social network, some people claim that it is more advisable for people always to tell the truth in every relationship between them because trust is the most fundamental thing among us. However, my view is that sometimes it is reasonable for us to tell some lies in the relationship between people.

    First, always telling the truth is quite difficult to realize. It is acknowledged that hardly no one could stick being honest for his whole life. For example, when a classmate who is not familiar with you asks you about her new dress, which is not your preference, if you tell her the truth that the dress is not as beautiful as you thought, it will hurt her definitely. Therefore, in order to maintain the normal relationship between you and your classmate, you are supposed to tell a lie, such as “So attractive the dress is”, which may delight the classmate, and get you out of the awkward situation. Therefore, it is so hard to tell the truth without any consideration.

    Secondly, a friendly lie would not make the relationship worse. Sometimes people want to protect the person who is intimate with them, they would tell some friendly lie. For example, my friend Lisa’s parents concealed the truth of her grandpa’s death when Lisa was preparing for the vital university entrance examinations. As a result, she got an excellent grade and forgave her parents for the sake of their friendly consideration. In her parents’ opinion, it could help Lisa devote herself to the exams without extracting any attention. More importantly, it did exert a positive influence on Lisa’s prospects. Therefore, a friendly lie would not damage the relationship between people, even could help people to protect the person they want to protect.

    Consequently, I think always telling the truth is not the most consideration in our relationship between people. Because always telling the truth is quite difficult to realize. Besides, a friendly lie sometimes may be useful in the relationship between people.