Agree or disagree parents are the best teachers

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    TOEFL Essay TOPIC: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

    Looking back on the course of our lives, we find that countless people leave a mark on us. When we are children, we have the closest relationships with our parents. In this situation, parents are the people who give us the most guidance in life, and I firmly believe that parents are our best teachers.

    There is no doubt that teachers in school have a critical impact on us because they teach us science and professional knowledge. But their guidance is usually limited to classes. However, parents are the teachers of our life teachers. They usually stay with us, so we can learn from them not only by what they said but also by what they did. And in my opinion, it is the most effective and natural way to learn. For instance, animals such as elephants and lions improve their viability by imitating their parents’ behaviour, and the same situation happened when we were very young. Still, a person from a harmonious family is more likely to be friendly and good-tempered.

    What’s more, parents are among the very few people who treat us honestly in the world. We can trust them without suspecting their intentions, but we usually have to think about another person’s purpose when he or she gives us advice. Admittedly, because they have been watching us for our entire growth cycle, they must know us better than others. Combined with their rich experience, their suggestions would be more practical to accept in many situations.

    Taking all these into consideration, many people may give us some guidance in different situations. Although all of them can be our teachers, our parents must be the best ones.

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    It is well accepted that parents are the first teachers we have got. We spend most of our time with our parents when we are children. They babysit us and teach us how to walk and talk. So there is no doubt that parents are one of the most important teachers in our life. But are they the best teachers? Everyone in his/her life will encounter dozens of teachers. Some of them are good teachers, and some are not that good. It is no reason that one’s first teachers are the best teachers one can get. Some parents are even not good parents, so why can they become the best teachers?


    A couple do not need any training or examines to become parents, so we cannot make sure that they are qualified enough to have this parenting job. Some parents are not even good people, so if they are underqualified to be parents, leave alone the possibility to be their children’s good teachers. I do hear about in some remote village a father teaches his 2-year-old young boy to smoke, and another pair of parents tell their primary school child to fight and hurt his classmates. For those kinds of people, parenting is the last thing in the world they deserve. Unfairly, however, any couples can become parents simply by giving birth to a baby.


    Even though some parents meet the preconditions to be good parents and some of them even are excellent professional teachers, raising a child can still be a tough challenge for them. They are normal people after all, which means they have their own personal life and career. It is almost unlikely for them to always take good care of their child. Parents who pursue a self-fulfilling life and successful career usually cannot do their best to raise their own children despite their individual excellence. Moreover, since life is full of uncertainty, parents’ divorce can be another factor to deprive a child of family happiness. Parenting always is a tough job, and the reality has taught us that no one can manage it without any regrets.


    Only those painstaking and self-sacrificing parents have the opportunity to become wonderful parents and even best teachers. They have strong spirit, positive attitude, and willingness to sacrifice their life after work or even their whole career. In this way, they can put all of their time and energy to company their children. At the same time, their individual excellence set a good example for their children. These parents therefore can become the best teachers to their children.

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