People who are the most deeply committed to an idea or policy are also the most critical of it.

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  • Joyce990718
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    October 4, 2020 at 7:16 am

    This issue reveals a phenomenon that some people can be engaged in a contradictory situation. They deeply agree with an idea and have the most disagreements with it at the same time. In my perspective, considering this statement seriously, I believe that this statement rarely happen.

    I have to admit that this issue sometimes happen. For example, Chinese emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty implemented various wise polices and build one of the most prosperous period. He devoted to improve people’s life but lived extravagantly with Yang Guifei and disregarded the ordinary people until his death. However, maybe some deep commitment provoke contrary, such an ambivalent personality is hardly to see in daily life.

    In real world, there are not so many complex idea and polices. Most idea is simple to understand and people can firmly stand on one side. For students, it is common to commit that they should study hard. In daily work, when there has divergences, people usually weigh both sides together to decide one strategy and carry it out. Hard to see people execute a plan when they feel the plan is poor. It is same to the policy. Last few months, Chinese government decide to restrict people’s travel because of corona-virus. Individuals can easily acknowledge the purpose and necessity of this policy, so most people followed this unusual rules. Therefore, such dilemma is hard to experience in daily life.

    Another thing is that people committing to an idea deeply scarcely consider opinion in opposite aspect. When we adamantly stand for one thing, others idea seems unpleasant, sometimes even offend us. We can see many extreme events happen because of this proclivity. Religious war took place since people cannot bear others with different belief. Constant discrimination toward people of color exist in the whole world. Inveterate idea like it is better to give birth to a boy than a girl still hurt many mothers and girls. If people can be aware of both sides of an idea, these things can easily disappear. Prejudice is a mountain in people’s heart, especially deeply cherished beliefs.

    To sum up my analysis, while there has some exceptions worth to study, most idea and policies are easy to understand. Even it is complex enough, people’s attitude can be swayed by other factors.. Also, it is difficult for people to accept different notions. We can safely conclude that total antitheses hardly persist.

    October 15, 2020 at 2:37 pm

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